Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


1) Sending emails to people as they are not your contacts, asking them to come in is not only against our policy but it is illegal. We will not tolerate SPAMs and if you receive a SINGLE warning that you are using this type of practice, we will verify the incident and if true, all funds in your account will be erased. If you are reported as SPAMMER a second time, I will check the second incident and take action to close your account.

2) You can have a single account. Do not attempt to create more than one account or all your accounts will be terminated. You will never need another account. If you have lost your login information, please make an email request for support and a new one will be sent to you by email.

3) You can indicate other people in your house, however, only one user per IP, then enter an IP, registered in your Network. If you have different IPs, it will not be a problem.

4) I have the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time, for any reason and without notice. If an email communication is viable you will receive it. If you get caught trying to use the system illegally, your account will be terminated without notice and your email will be permanently suspended.




5.1) Your payment is processed in up to 2 business days if you are UPGRADE and up to 6 days for Free. To redeem funds, you will have to have at least R $ 5 accumulated in your Account up to the level of UPGRADE.

5.1.a) OUR Payments are made by PayPal. Soon we will have new processors. 

5.1.b) Your payment will have to be published in our Forum, the disregard of the rule can take your account to cancellation and your credits lost.


6) You must have a valid email address and a valid payment account to register for ClassiLondris. The email addresses are checked and your Processor account will have to be valid if your payment or update will be excluded.

7) Current paid R $ 0.01 for each site you are visiting from visits of FREE and R $ 0.02 for UPGRADE, R $ 0,005 for each site that your indictees visit in the same way.

8) You can have a certain amount of Referrals depending on Your Update and receive by all those you indicate DIRECTLY. You can also have them as purchase or rented.

9) Upon entering my Site you assume the compliance of the fees and taxes that are charged to your chosen Payment Processor and also to your government if applicable.

10) You are not an employee or member of the ClassiLondris. It's simply a connection between customers and advertisers. You have the right to terminate this relationship at any time. If you wanted to leave send an email requesting your EXCLUSION to admin@classilondris.xyz.

11) I can change the Terms of Service at any time without prior consent or notice. Warnings, when relevant, are sent through the news area or sent via email.

12) You must see six (6) Advertisements in the Maximum Term of four (7) days and no more. Noncompliance with the rule will lead to EXCLUSION of your account, of course it depends on the TYPE of Account you have.