Frequently Asked Questions

Members' Questions

What is ?

It's an innovative and free site advertising system, the system is based on advertisers who pay you on your site, we pass on a portion of the company's profit to you. Our system is what you are looking for to make money to see the sponsors website. it's not multilevel marketing, pyramid, ponzi or the like, we're an advertiser site.

How did you win?

Just when you access your account and click on "View Ads", click on one of the available links and wait for a count to end, you are automatically credited to check your statistics without a website.

Can other people in my category sign up?

Since each of your family members had a different IP (two screens with two accounts from different companies) and have different accounts in the payment means available without a site, our software detects duplicate accounts with the same IP. Anyone who uses this medium for illicit gain will be banned from the system.

Can I have more than one account?

No. There is no need to keep more than one conte.A duplicate account of the system will be deleted.

How much do I want to earn in cash?

There are no earnings limits, the more you tell people the greater your earnings, upgrading your account will also increase your income.

How do I indicate my friends and family?

Enter your username and close online at "My Account", you are your referral link and promotion tools.

I can not see the ads!

Check your antivirus, unlock your popup or clear your browser's cache and try again.

How will I receive it?

We are currently paying for the payment methods below, but soon we will have other forms of payment.



Advertiser Questions

How do ads work?


When you place an order for the ad package, we'll go to your website and after that, enter it on the "View Ads" page. We will only charge for unique visits generated by our registered members. All as non-member visits are free. For example, you can place a request for 1000 visits, but you can receive 1300 or more because non-members usually see the "View Ads" page before signing up. Your money invested becomes even more valuable.


Are my tours guaranteed?

Yes. We guarantee that you will receive as visits that you requested.


Is each visit unique?

Each visit is unique in a 24 hour break. This means that you are charged by the same visitor only once every 24 hours. On the "View Ads" page, such as "Member Visits" count only unique visits, and "External Visits" count non member accesses.


Are there restrictions?

Your ad can not promote adult content or illegal activity. We also do not accept websites that use framebreakers (codes that prevent an opening of the site in an external frame).


How do I pay?

We are currently accepting payments by payment methods below, but soon we will have other forms of payment.


Payment Methods Accepted (purchases):